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Love (English Only)

if there is no love, tonight will not dazzle, no longer melodious chirping of birds, scenerywas amazing, and life will freeze without meaning"

Do not be attracted to someone because of his face, because the beauty of sandstone can be misleading. Do not be too attracted to his wealth, because wealth can be destroyed. Be interested to someone who can make you smile, because only a smile that can make a dark day become bright. May you find people like that.Know you are a godsendHurt is a prohibition Accompanying your life is a blissLeave is foolishness

You come in my time down, I love you as youBut why did you go leaving me without a word. how could you meBUT I STILL LOVE YOU ]

I wrote your name on the beach but the waves removeI wrote your name in the sky but the clouds removeSo I wrote your name my heart, so that no one can remove

Love makes people stupid, But how stupid ex-boyfriend is going to leave you

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